The history

Our Company was founded as natural development of an initiative undertaken in 1976 that originally wanted to finalize the execution of processing for the account of third parties, for leading firms in the electric and electronic sector.
With the passing of time, we at Tecnimed have reinforced our identity as a company and we have emphasized the orientation towards the innovation as far as our business strategy is concerned, and at present we are specialized in the designing and in the production of electronic and electromedical equipments, with particular care in the products for the health protection.
This strategy helped us in the realization of various projects that gained their relating filed patents in Italy and which have been extended at an international level.

The Facility

Our facility is of around 1.500 mq. and it stands in the industrial area of Vedano Olona, near Varese, 50 km North of Milan. Besides the normal productive area, completed by the commercial office, the technical office, the purchasing office, the starting tests area, the warehouse and the final tests area, the company has a temperature-controlled, air impurities-filtered “Clean Room class 100” and a “Controlled environment” for the packaging of electromedical products.

Our mission

The company’s philosophy sets out in three main points: the attention for the Customer’s exigencies, tightly connected to the Research and Development activity, and the “made in Italy”.

  • The customer’s orientation towards an innovation perspective

Our objective is to create revolutionary and intelligent products on the basis of the exigencies felt by the Customers, with particular care to the health protection products.
The research and the innovation always start from the Customers, because we treasure their desires, their exigencies and their expectations, and we listen to them and satisfy them.
For this reason, the orientation to innovation constantly projects our Company, through our R&D laboratory, towards the realization of really new products that can respond to the exigencies of a more and more qualified market.
That is how, today, our Company distinguishes for the production having great qualitative levels of their products, with a strong inclination to innovation and a commercial strategy that find their strong card in the stable response to the Customers’ peculiar requests.

  • The “made in Italy” philosophy

Tecnimed’s products are all strictly made in Italy and mainly manufactured within its own factory.
The reasons of this choice are to be investigated on the one hand into the greater quality that can be ensured with a strictly Italian manufacture, on the other hand into a precise humanitarian philosophy against the exploitation: manufacturing in the Countries with low-cost labour forces (Eastern Europe, Far East) would mean accepting and approving the juvenile’s exploitation conditions and the modern forms of slavery that segregate the workmen into factories; these are absolutely unacceptable situations that a civil society must condemn. In spite of the aims that too often are revealing to be just fine talks and giving up in front of an inviting perspective of economic savings, Tecnimed attests a categorical coherence not delegating the production to those Countries and not creating the vicious circle that so easily fuels exploitation.
Anyway, the advantages of an Italian production constantly kept under control are the guarantee of high quality products, thus recompensing the sustained economic effort.

  • The quality system

The introduction of a Quality Control System, in accordance with the regulations UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2012, the stable and severe control in all the production phases and the 100%-multiple tests of all the machines, are guarantees of the product’s reliability.
The Quality Control System Certification, far from being considered a goal, is considered by the whole Company as a fundamental element for the organization’s constant improvement and wants to be evidence of the desire to project our Company towards a better and better product’s quality.