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Afterbite treatment against the annoying and unsightly consequences of mosquito bites

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Product description

Very often, our summer nights, are spoilt by mosquitoes. Itchiness resulting from the bite is very annoying and if we give into the temptation to scratch, we can further irritate the area and possibly cause infection.
To get rid of such fastidious problems, Tecnimed has patented a series of small electronic devices, which are very handy and easy to use: MOSQUITO-CLICK®, called also ZANZA-CLICK® from “zanzara” – the Italian name for mosquito, DISCO-CLICK® and MINI-CLICK®/CLICK®.

What is and how it works

It works with piezoelectricity: when the button on the top of the Mosquito-Click® is pressed, a tiny static charge is generated. When applied to the bite area, this tiny charge reduces itching, the urge to scratch and the swelling. Reducing the itch may prevent you from scratching, an action that can further irritate the area and possibly cause infection.


Thanks to piezoelectricity. MOSQUITO-CLICK® does not require batteries nor other energy source but only the light pressure of the little push button generating the discharge. For that reason we could manufacture a little device to being keep always ready at hand. Thanks to its special little ring you can attach Mosquito-Click® to your key-ring, to keep it always with you!
MOSQUITO-CLICK® is ecological as it does not release chemical substances, and it has a large expected life (about 4000/5000 bites according to the model).
Mosquito-Click is efficacious against mosquito bites. In case of more serious bites we suggest to use ECOSAVE, the electrostimulator very efficacious on insects and snake bites.

Advantagesinstructions for use

Usually, in adults 5-10 impulses are able to reduce the urge to scratch the bite area, and additional clicks can reduce swelling; children usually need half dose; allergic people or people particularly sensitive to mosquito bites could need more applications.
A slight tingling sensation will be felt with every click.
The beneficial effect of Mosquito-Click® is usually felt after a few minutes after use


In order to have the best results, we recommended to use MOSQUITO-CLICK® as soon as possible after the mosquito bite or as soon as you feel the urge to scratch and can see the swelling.

Technical characteristics






Discharge voltage 14 kv approx (without load) 14 Kv approx (without load) 14 Kv approx (without load)
Duration of single discharge 0,01 ms approx 0,01 ms approx 0,01 ms approx
Colour White/green or
Light blue/blue Yellow/black or
Weight 10 gr 5 gr 5 gr
Diameter 24 mm 39,6mm 20 mm
Lenght 63 mm 37 mm 41,6 mm
Power Piezo-electricity Piezo-electricity Piezo-electricity
Expected life of device 25.000 discharges approx. 20.000 discharges approx. 20.000 discharges approx.
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With its special little ring you can join it to your key ring, and you can have it always ready at hand


Do not use:

  • on open wounds, on bleeding or secreting areas, on sores or if you are sensitive to electric stimulus.
  • after the application of insects repellents and/or flammable liquids or gas, or close to such substances (perfume, cologne…);
  • on subjects wearing peace maker, or with epilepsy;
  • on pregnant women and on children under 6 months.

Do not use/Use with caution:

  • in or around sensitive areas such as mouth, tongue, eyes, ear channel, internal part of the wrist or palms, etc.
  • with wet hands and on whet skin.


  • For external use only
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
  • The strictly personal use of the product is recommended.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and/or people with sensory and/or physical deprivation.
  • It is a medical device. Do not use it as a toy.


  • Wipe the surface of the device with a soft damp cloth and possibly wrapping it with disinfectant-soaked towels, and dry thoroughly.

Technical Data

  • Discharge voltage: 14 kV approx (without load)
  • Duration of single discharge: 0,01 ms
  • Power: piezoelectric
  • Expected life of device: 25,000 discharges (about 4-5,000 bites)

Patents no. US5800504, CA2194631, IL119879 and other International Patents Pending

Manufactured in Italy by TECNIMED srl

It is a medical device Class IIa CE 0051
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