Automatic device for monitoring body temperature, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy


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  • Automatic device for monitoring body temperature, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
  • ScannerBox processes the forehead temperature according to environmental conditions and using the algorithms of VisioFocus Pro, a professional medical device by Tecnimed for hospital use. The temperatures shown are consistent with the subject’s temperature and are not values invented to satisfy the customer as often happens with other devices
  • Scannerbox can also work in “privacy” mode where, instead of showing the temperature, it shows YES/GO/PASs (in green) or no/Stop (in red) depending on the situation.
  • Many devices recently appeared on the market derives from industrial devices intended for measuring the temperature of objects and surfaces. ScannerBox instead was born from Tecnimed’s experience in the design and production of clinical thermometers for measuring body temperature. Tecnimed is the company that invented the technology of non-contact body measurement and, in 2000, with Thermofocus, it was the first to launch worldwide the first non-contact thermometer, giving the way for other manufacturers who have repeatedly tried to imitate its thermometers. without however being able to obtain the same qualitative performances (thanks to the patents filed and the know-how that Tecnimed has gained over the years in the measurements of body temperature).
  • The measurement is made when the subject approaches the LCD display: the device beeps when the person arrives around 10 cm from the instrument, indicating the measurement has taken place. The display will then turn green if the temperature is below 37.5°C or red if it is 37.5°C or higher.
  • If the temperature is 37.5° or higher, the beep will turn into a continuous acoustic alarm for a few seconds and, if properly connected, ScannerBox is able to lock the door of the structure.
  • It ensures privacy by allowing the temperature to be read only by the user who uses it.
  • ScannerBox can also work outdoors, in environments from 0.1°C as long as protected from weather conditions. Outdoor measurement is recommended when there is no time to stabilize subjects indoors before monitoring. Alternatively, a probe to be connected outside to simulate outdoor measurement is available as an accessory. When the external probe is connected Scannerbox shows alternately the external temperature (out) and the internal temperature (in). Accuracy is not guaranteed in environments with temperatures below 16 º C.
  • The external probe is available with wire (length 2 meters) or wireless battery (capacity 7 meters)
  • ScannerBox can take up to 1000 measurements per hour, it works with rechargeable lithium batteries (expected charge duration about 5 days – to be verified at the end of the project) or power supply and can be installed on walls, windows, or on uprights.
  • At the end of the pandemic, it will be possible to use ScannerBox to show the ambient temperature and/or to count the entrances in the store, office, laboratory, medical office, ecc..

Dimensions mm 80 x 80 x 46


    ScannerBox is available in two main versions:
    • ScannerBox with working distance at 10cm and
    • ScannerBox Plus with working distance at 50 cm,
    Each model is available in several versions:
    • ScannerBox Basic supplied with rechargeable battery and charger/power supply.
    • ScannerBox Door with the possibility of connecting the device to doors or turnstiles for automatic opening when a subject has a temperature below 37.5 °C. For the connection is necessary the intervention of a technician.
    • ScannerBox Remote supplied with remote signaling repeater able to receive green or red signal information and allow an operator, within the office, to open the door or not. We suggest installation by a technician.
    In the same way, also ScannerBox Plus is available:
    • In the Basic version with rechargeable battery and charger /power supply.
    • ScannerBox Plus Door version with predisposed for opening doors and turnstiles. We suggest the intervention of a technician.
    • ScannerBox Plus Remote version supplied with remote signaling repeater able to receive green or red signal information and allow an operator, within the office, to open the door or not. It is not necessary the intervention of a technician for the connection.
    All versions are supplied with a special bracket that allows the insertion in the upper part of any existing uprights, on columns of diameters ranging from 20 to 40 mm or on crowner.
    It is recommended to palace the device 130/135 cm high from the floor.
    All versions are available on demand also with an upright complete with support to carry a gel dispenser bottle (not supplied). The upright can be in cardboard/polystyrene or metal. In the cardboard version, on request is also available a glove box (not included).

    Dimensions mm 80 x 80 x 46

    This product is NOT a medical device

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