Visiofocus PRO 06480


Please note that VisioFocus Pro 06480 is suggested for intensive professional use
For families and private doctors to use in their studio, we recommend the VisioFocus 06400

VisioFocus® PRO is a professional thermometer usually intended to hospitals and health facilities, and during this time, during the COVID-19 emergency, also to law enforcement agencies, public and private entities with access to the public, and companies in order to monitor the employees.

VisioFocus® Pro is the most advanced thermometer to accurately measure body temperature. Totally hygienic, without touching the skin, VisioFocus reads infrared radiation naturally emitted by the surface of the skin and calculates the whole body temperature. It does not need to be disinfected and does not require the use of hygienic disposables. Therefore VisioFocus® PRO is totally hygienic and the possibility of cross contamination is eliminated. Thanks to its exclusive technology, VisioFocus® PRO is an essential tool for controlling the spread of a virus (such as Ebola, H1N1 Flu, SARS and Covid-19) in pandemic situations. Indeed, VisioFocus® Pro guarantees the best hygiene, thus reducing considerably the risk of transmission of the virus during the measurement of body temperature, for both patients and operators (which could happen using contact thermometers)



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Product Description

Benefits of VISIOFOCUS® Pro:

  • Exclusive patented aiming system that ensures correct distance and correct detection point.
  • Temperature projection on the forehead
  • The “face” button automatically adjusts the temperature detected on the forehead according to the ambient temperature
  • AQCS and MQCS: exclusive and patented systems allow the thermometer to keep its temperature correct and constant during long periods of use or when moving between environments with different temperatures.
  • Highly accurate: based on the 4 aspects listed above.
  • Clinically Tested Technology: in Hospitals and Universities around the World.
  • Totally hygienic for patients and users: contactless and without the need for disposable devices.
  • NO LASER: Absolutely safe for patients, travellers and caregivers
  • CE, FDA, TGA, KFDA, and many more certificates.
  • Technology widely used in 2003 for SARS, in 2009 for Swine Flu, in 2014 for Ebola and constantly evolving.
  • Instantaneous: provides the temperature in less than 1 second.
  • Extremely high-performance: it can make more than 1,000 measurements every hour.
  • Also suitable for external use: the range of operating ambient temperature ranges from 0,1 to 45°C (which can then be used for monitoring before entering companies, shops, supermarkets or construction sites even in low ambient temperature situations)
  • Low cost of use: with long battery life and measuring speed, you can reduce the number of thermometers and operators you need.

Manufactured in Italy in our factory in Vedano Olona (Varese) in a temperature controlled room, equipped with automatic machines that guarantee the highest quality and maximum flexibility.

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Visiofocus Pro 06480 App for iOS and Android versions, are available by clicking here.