Visiofocus VET 06610


VisioFocus Vet does not use laser radiations, it is safe and harmless.
VisioFocus Vet can also be used to measure the temperature of the pet food, bath water, kennel etc., thanks to its accuracy over a wide range of temperatures.

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VisioFocus® Vet, a technological innovation

VisioFocus® Vet is the evolution of Thermofocus®, the world’s first non-contact thermometer intended for human use and also the evolution of Thermofocus Animal and of VisioFocus.
With Thermofocus®, Tecnimed introduced, first in the world, the non-contact measurement, thus revolutionizing the way to take the temperature. The Tecnimed’s thermometers, designed and produced in Italy and provided with a technology constantly refined and covered by patents, are unsurpassed leaders on the market.


Visiofocus VET 06610 technical data can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Visiofocus VET 06610 Apps for iOS or Android version are available at the following address by clicking here.