The alternative is to promptly correct the thermometer temperature, adapting it to the real temperature of the room where the reading is to be taken. Proceed as follows (the room temperature must be in the 10-40°C (50-104°F) temperature range):1. with the thermometer in stand-by mode press and release the “face” and “home” button simultaneously: the symbol CAL will appear;
2.Within 10 seconds, open the cap and, focus the thermometer on an internal wall (not the inside of an external wall) or wardrobe with uniform temperature and at a point approximately 30 to 60 inches (80/150 cm) from the floor. Press the “home”
button until the temperature reading is set squarely between the two arches
3. release the button: the lights flash slowly and the display shows the room temperature. To ensure a reliable temperature reading, do not focus the thermometer on an outside wall, window, source of heating or cooling (radiator, air conditioner, lamp, computer, surface in contact with the human body, etc.).
4. The thermometer is ready to take a reading.
Manual quick calibration (MQCS) can also be performed without the countdown if, for example, you need to move between rooms at different temperatures.
This system, too, enables the thermometer to take sufficiently accurate readings. In this case, when the thermometer is in stand-by mode, “MQCS” appears on the display indicating that manual quick calibration has been performed. It is also possible to just leave the thermometer in the room and wait 10/30 minutes, depending on the difference of temperature.