The temperature reading detected with Thermofocus is normally very similar, but not necessary equal, to the temperature taken with other thermometers. When it is set in the oral or rectal mode, the temperature is very similar respectively to the oral and the internal rectal measurement taken with other thermometers. To obtain this result, the software of Thermofocus automatically applies a correction factor that compensates the heat dissipation from uncovered parts of the body (such as the forehead).
Moreover, the temperature differs from one area of the body to another (armpit, mouth, rectum, forehead) and that differences are not valid for everyone, but each person has his/her own body temperature:: for instance, the rectal and the oral temperature can, on some subjects, differ for less than 1°C (1.8°F), while be much more than 1°C (1.8°F) different in others.
For this reason, sometimes the forehead temperature can be different from the temperature measured in other parts of the body.
To correctly judged a fever, you need to know the normal temperature of your family members when they are in good health conditions and at various times of the day
For example, a person having a very low temperature in good health conditions will have a lower mark fever compared to others usually having a higher temperature. To help you with this, download the table in pdf format (available in English,French, and Spanish languages) fill it out and keep it as a reference.