Automatic monitoring device, designed and manufactured in Italy.
ScannerBox is NOT a medical device

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ScannerBOX was designed during the COVID-19 emergency and is based on the features of the VisioFocus series of clinical thermometers as an access control device at the entrances to public places, offices, factories, supermarkets, schools, shops, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, etc.



1) To install ScannerBOX:
– fix it to the wall or other vertical surface;
– fix it on the column of a support stand using the supplied support and screws;
– place it on a shelf, piece of furniture or rack.
Connect it and turn it on.
2) To take a reading, approach the unit: when your forehead is about 10 cm away, a sound signal indicates that the measurement has been made and the display will show the result and give the “go-ahead” to pass (or not).

– the default operating mode is PRIVACY mode, in which ScannerBox displays “YES/GO/PASs” in green, when the detected temperature is within the set limit, or ‘no/Stop’ in red, together with an audible alarm, when the temperature is higher.
– The default alarm threshold is 37.5°C and can be changed to 37.0 or 38.0°C.
Alternatively, ScannerBox can be set to TEMPERATURE mode, where it shows the temperature in green or red depending on whether it is within or above the set limit.

ScannerBOX is produced in the following versions:

1) Basic: allows room temperature measurement and individual control in ‘PRIVACY’ or ‘TEMPERATURE’ mode
2) Door: in addition to the features of the Basic version, the Door version, if properly installed, allows doors or turnstiles to open automatically when the temperature is below the defined alarm threshold. This version is suitable for supermarkets, public offices, factories and all premises where automatic doors or turnstiles exist.
3) Remote: in addition to the features of the Basic version, it can be used in three different modes:

– Pro for offices, gatehouses and reception desks, where the door is opened by giving a command from inside: the remote device replicates the green or red signal and the acoustic signals on the desk (simple “beep” with green light and repeated “beep” with red light), allowing the person in charge to decide whether to open the door or not if there is a red signal.
– Ext for shops, supermarkets, factories, etc.: ScannerBox uses the external temperature to correct the influence of the external environment on people.
– Home for domestic use; when it senses someone, ScannerBox switches on a courtesy light, takes the reading and then displays the outside temperature and the room temperature.



  • Resolution: 0.1


  • Measurement range: from 34,0 to 43,0°C (93.2/109.4°F)
  • Room temperature working range: from -10,0 to +45,0°C (14.0/113.0°F) (1)
  • Laboratory accuracy: ±0,3°C

1)When the ambient temperature is in the range -10,0 to 15,9°C (14.0 to 60.7°F) or in the range 40,1-45,0°C (104.1-113.0°F), accuracy and operating range are not guaranteed, and the temperature value is displayed alternately with the message “Lo.5” or “Hi.4” respectively.

Room temperature (shown when in stand-by)

  • Measurement range: from -10,0 to +45,0°C (14.0/113.0°F)
  • Accuracy: ±1.0°C



  • Power supply:
    – internal LiPo 3.7V rechargeable battery
    – external charger (included) to be inserted in USB port or 5VDC +/-0.5V, 500mA min power supply to be connected to the terminal block
  • Voltage and maximum current applicable to the terminal block: 160V, 1 Amp
  • Maximum conductor section in terminal: 0.5 mm2 (0.02 inch)
  • Temperature range for battery charging: from 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)
  • Charging time: about 6 hours
  • Battery charge duration: 50,000/70,000 readings or 120 hours, depending on use
  • Dimensions: 80 x 100 x 45.5 mm (3.14 x 3.94 x 1.79 inches)
  • Weight: 103 grams
  • Distance from the subject: about 10 cm /3.94 inches (established by sound signal)
  • Wide, clearly visible backlit display:
  • – blue (stand-by)
    – fuchsia (charging or inactive settings)
    – green (end of measurement or active settings)
    – red (end of measurement with high temperature)
    – light blue (measurement error)
  • IP protection class: 41
  • Internally powered equipment; mode of operation: continuous.
  • ScannerBox display LEDs emit insignificant light radiation in accordance with EN 62471.