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Projection thermometers

Tecnimed has been producing non-contact infrared thermometers since 2000: it is the company which invented the body temperature measurement on the forehead and the remote measurement with Thermofocus®, the world’s first non-contact medical thermometer, developing and patenting a technology hitherto unseen in the clinical field.

Thanks to several patents, Tecnimed thermometers are still unsurpassed leaders on the market and are the only ones with an optical pointing system indicating both the correct reading distance and the exact measuring point.
The thermometers belonging to the VisioFocus® series are the most advanced result of the company’s patented technology and its more than twenty years’ experience in non-contact temperature measurement for clinical use, and the only ones in the world which projects the temperature value.

Today the company produces and markets:

3 models for home healthcare use (VisioFocus 06400, VisioFocus SMART 06470, VisioFocus MINI 06700)

3 models for professional use (VisioFocus PRO 06480, VisioFocus PRO BT 06480BT, VisioFocus PRO SCAN 06490)

They are all Class IIa medical devices, compliant with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR) and CE-marked 0051.

Tecnimed Visiofocus


Tecnimed Visiofocus PRO

VisioFocus PRO

Tecnimed Visiofocus SMART

VisioFocus SMART

Tecnimed Visiofocus PRO BT

VisioFocus PRO BT

Tecnimed Visiofocus MINI

VisioFocus MINI

Tecnimed Visiofocus PRO SCAN

VisioFocus PRO SCAN

Non-contact thermometers for animals

In 2000, with Thermofocus, Tecnimed introduced, first in the world, the non-contact measurement, thus revolutionizing and simplifying the way human beings’ temperature is taken.
Afterwards, Tecnimed has thought of animals as well, in the first place with Thermofocus ANIMAL, and nowadays with VisioFocus ANIMAL 06620 (for home use)




and VisioFocus VET 06610 (for professional use).


Tecnimed Visiofocus Animal

VisioFocus ANIMAL

Tecnimed Visiofocus VET

VisioFocus VET

Afterbite electrostimulator

The Afterbite line consists of electro-stimulator devices delivering electrical micro-pulses able to relieve itching, pain and inflammation caused by mosquito bites and by stings and/or bites from insects and other animals.
In particular:

  • the Zanza-Click, Mini-Click and Disco-Click devices are able to relieve local symptoms – itching and inflammation (swelling) – caused by mosquito bites, eliminating the need to scratch.

  • Ecosave is a first aid device which , through the release of electrical micro-pulses, is able to reduce local symptoms – pain, burning, redness, swelling – caused by stings and/or bites from insects and other animals, such as:
  • hymenoptera (e.g. bees, wasps, hornets, etc.),
  • arachnids (e.g. scorpions, spiders, etc.),
  • marine animals (e.g.: fish, jellyfish, stinging coral),
  • snakes.

They are all Class IIa medical devices, compliant with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR) and CE-marked 0051.

Tecnimed Mini Click


Tecnimed Zanzaclick


Tecnimed DiscoClick


Tecnimed Ecosave



The anti-mosquito line includes:


  • devices emitting ultrasounds (BabyFriend, FamilyFriend) whose purpose is not to kill mosquitoes but to make it difficult for them to fly and locate the prey to bite;
  • electronic LED traps (MosquitoKiller, ZanzaFree, Insect Killer Lamp), which attract mosquitoes and other insects and then fulminate them by means of an electrified grid;
  • combined ultrasound + insecticide devices (BabyFriend PLUS) for greater effectiveness through an attack phase (with insecticide) and a maintenance phase (with ultrasound).
Tecnimed Family Friend


Tecnimed Mosquito Killer


Tecnimed Baby Friend


Tecnimed Insect Killer Lamp

Insect Killer Lamp

Tecnimed Baby Friend Plus

BabyFriend PLUS

Tecnimed ZanzaFree


Child safety devices in the car

The Italian Ministerial Decree No. 122 of 2 October 2019 introduced the obligation for cars transporting children up to 4 years of age to be equipped with a car seat reminder (anti-abandonment device).
ALERTINO, currently available, is an anti-abandonment device that warns that the child is on the car seat BEFORE the driver gets out of the car.
It is cable connected, without smartphone and Bluetooth or wi-fi technology.
Tecnimed Alertino


Monitoring devices

This line includes products designed for monitoring at gates (e.g. for compliance with entry control requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic). ScannerBox, currently available, is a temperature measuring device which can be connected to the opening of doors and turnstiles.
Tecnimed Scannerbox