Tecnimed products

Tecnimed Visiofocus

Projection thermometers

Tecnimed thermometers are leaders on the market and the only ones equipped with an optical aiming system showing both the correct reading distance and the correct measuring point. VisioFocus thermometers are the only ones in the world which project the temperature value. 

Tecnimed Visiofocus Animal

Non-contact thermometers for animals

VisioFocus VET 06610 (for professional use) and VisioFocus ANIMAL 06620 (for home use) thermometers allow non-contact measurement of animal’s body temperature. 



Tecnimed dopopuntura

Afterbite electrostimulator

The Afterbite line consists of electro-stimulator devices delivering electrical micro-pulses able to relieve itching, pain and inflammation caused by mosquito bites and by stings and/or bites by insects and other animals.


Tecnimed antizanzara


To best prevent mosquito bites in every situation, Tecnimed’s Anti-mosquitoes line includes ultrasonic devices, electronic LED traps and combined ultrasonic + insecticide devices.

Tecnimed Alertino

Child safety devices in the car

Alertino is a car seat reminder (anti-abandonment device) which alerts you that a child is in his/her car seat before the driver gets out of the car. It is cable connected, without smartphone and Bluetooth or wi-fi technology.


Tecnimed Scannerbox

Monitoring devices

This line includes products designed for monitoring at gates (e.g. for entry control during the COVID-19 pandemic). ScannerBox, currently available, is a temperature measuring device which can be connected to the opening of doors and turnstiles.

tecnimed termometro

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Personal care

For your well-being and that of your loved ones

Professional care

Suitable for professional use

The Company

Tecnimed was founded in 1976. Born as a supplier for leading firms in the electric and electronic sector, Tecnimed has then reinforced its company strategy, emphasizing the orientation towards innovation.
Tecnimed is the company which, in 2000, invented the body temperature measurement on the forehead and the remote measurement with Thermofocus, developing and patenting a technology hitherto unseen in the clinical field.
Since then, the company’s R&D department welcomes, as a challenge, the design and production of truly innovative products.