BabyFriend is an electronic instrument that protects you from mosquitoes without being noticed.
BabyFriend sets you free from mosquitoes
BabyFriend diffuses ultrasounds at a wide range that cannot be audible for humans. The working frequency varies automatically from 22 to 28 KHz to avoid addiction and disturb mosquitoes of different species.


You cannot hear it; it does not disturb or bother you.
The ultrasounds stun the mosquitoes that, dazed and confused, move away, or they have troubles in flying and finding the area to bite.
BabyFriend does not diffuse any substance in the air
With BabyFriend you will not need to ventilate the room before entering it. You can keep it on as long as you like, even when you are in the room.
For this reason, Friend is the most environment-friendly solution to get protected from mosquitoes.
BabyFriend, with a night-light, diffuses a relaxing and reassuring green night-light. If you keep it on day and night, it protects your children against mosquitoes and calms them down when they sleep.


The device is effective if it is switched on before mosquitoes arrive; otherwise, you can feel its effectiveness no earlier than half an hour after switching it on, by which time, however, the mosquitoes have, in all likelihood, ‘feasted’ at your expense.

BabyFriend doesn’t kill mosquitoes: you will still see them in the room, but the will be confused and have troubles in flying and finding the area to bite.

Try to imagine a person forced to enter in a room with a very high noise. At the beginning he resists, but with the passing of time he will not be able to stand it and will suffer terrible headaches, making him unable to concentrate on his work; so, if he could, he would leave the room. But if he was not forced to enter it, he even would not have tried to. A mosquito acts in the same way when trying to enter a room full of ultrasound waves. But if when you turn on the device, the mosquitoes already are in the room, for some time they will be able to bite you.

In order to have the best results, it is always necessary to read the operating instructions carefully.

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BabyFriend has to be inserted in a plug in the room where you want to get free from mosquitoes. To have a better ultrasounds diffusion and to get the ideal protection, please follow these suggestions:

  • in summer, leave BabyFriend plugged in all the time (it consumes as much in 150 hours as a 60W light bulb does in ten minutes) or, at least, switch it on before mosquitoes arrive, in order to act preventively and prevent mosquitoes from entering the room.
  • In large rooms (> 16 sqm), it is preferable to use two devices simultaneously, connected to two different plugs far apart, to ensure a total coverage. The same for rooms with carpets, fabric wallpapers or furnished with wide upholstered furniture or thick curtains: as a matter of fact, the room’s fabric components can absorb a part of the ultrasounds, thus reducing the device’s action.
  • Check that the plug is not hidden or covered by furniture (fig. 1) or curtains.



  • You can use BabyFriend also when the window is open, as long as the plug is not in front of the window and the device is oriented towards the inside of the room (fig.3 and 4).



  • If, in the room you want to protect, there are plugs placed on different levels, preferably choose the higher ones (fig. 5).


  • In carpeted rooms, if all the available plugs are placed at a height of less than 30 cm from the floor, it is better to use an extension cable and place the device in a higher position, for example on a desk or on a shelf, and orientate it towards the inside of the room (fig. 6).


The defensive action starts right away and is effective just after a few minutes; that’s why it is advisable to turn BabyFriend on at least half an hour beforehand.
Of course, if you want to get rid of mosquitoes in more than one room – living room, kitchen and bedroom – you should use more than one BabyFriend.


– ultrasounds are not advisable for pacemaker carriers, as they disturb pacemakers’ pulses.
– Ultrasounds may be perceived by your pets. Usually cats and small-sized dogs get used to them very quickly, while big-sized dogs might be seriously disturbed.


Power supply voltage: 110/230V – 50/60Hz
Absorption: 5W
Working frequency: 22/28 Khz