BabyFriend PLUS

BabyFriend Plus anti mosquito device


BabyFriend Plus is an electronic anti-mosquito device that uses the combined action of insecticide and ultrasound.

These two different technologies are used in separate stages to defend you from mosquitoes effectively and safely.
CODE: 06900


BabyFriend Plus anti mosquito device


First phase:
when switched on, BabyFriend Plus starts with the emission of insecticide (liquid or plate of your choice, not included in the package) for the preset time.
Second phase:
After the preset time has elapsed, the device automatically converts to a high-powered ultrasound diffuser, which is able to keep any mosquitoes that may enter the room at a later time under control, disorienting them.
The complete cycle lasts 24 hours, and is repeated every 24 hours from switch-on.
In addition, by replacing the insecticide with a perfumer, the device can function as a room perfumer.



Anti-mosquito mode (insecticide + ultrasound):
1. Screw a bottle of insecticide liquid into the base of the diffuser, or insert a plate into the slot (insecticide and/or plates not included in the package, please refer to the manufacturer’s warnings for these).
2. Choose the preferred programming using the selector switch (1, 3 or 8).
3. Plug the device into an electrical socket and turn on the switch. The red indicator light will come on.
4. At the end of the preset time, the device will automatically switch to ultrasonic mode and the yellow indicator light will light up until the cycle is complete.
5. After 24 hours, the cycle will restart automatically.
6. If necessary, an EXTRA 20-minute insecticide cycle can be activated by pressing the black button. Once this time has elapsed, the device will resume its normal cycle.

Anti-mosquito mode (ultrasound only):
1. Choose ‘ultrasound’ programming.
2. Plug the device into an electrical socket and turn on the switch. The yellow light will come on.
You can leave the device plugged in at all times.
Perfume mode:
1. Screw a bottle of air freshener into the base of the diffuser and adjust the bezel to determine the amount of fragrance to be emitted.
2. Turn the selector switch to ‘flower‘, plug the device into the electrical socket and turn on the switch. The red light will come on.
The time schedule designed for the insecticide can also be used for fragrance mode.

Available modes:
Select the preferred mode by using the selector:

ModeDescription of the cycle


insecticide +
1 hour emitting insecticide and 23 hours emitting ultrasounds


3 hours emitting insecticide and 21 hours emitting ultrasounds


8 hours emitting insecticide and 16 hours emitting ultrasounds
ultrasounds24 hours ultrasounds active
air freshener15 minutes on / 45 minutes off – continuous cycle


BabyFriend Plus anti mosquito device

Please follow these suggestions to obtain a better ultrasounds diffusion:
– check that the plug is not covered by furniture or curtains. If so, choose plugs placed preferably placed 1 m from the floor.
Carpets, fabric wallpapers or thick curtains may absorb a part of the ultrasounds, thus reducing the device’s efficacy and operative area.

Request the effectiveness report:


– ultrasounds are not advisable for pacemaker carriers, as they disturb pacemakers’ pulses.
– ultrasounds may be perceived by your pets. Usually cats and small-sized dogs get used to them very quickly, while big-sized dogs might be seriously disturbed.


BabyFriend Plus anti mosquito device

Power supply voltage: 210-230 V ∼
50-60 Hz – Absorption: 4.8-9.6 watt
Working frequency: 22-28 Khz