Mosquito bites treatment


Zanza-Click Mini-Click Disco-Click
Bite relief electrostimulator against mosquito bites

Zanza-Click 06000, Mini-Click 06300, Disco-Click 05200 are medical devices


Mosquito bites treatment

Zanza-Click, Mini-Click and Disco-Click are afterbite electrostimulators that, through the release of electrical micro-impulses, can relieve local symptoms – itching and inflammation – caused by mosquito bites and, in particular, they are intended to:
– reduce the itching due to mosquito bites,
– reduce the swelling (inflammation) due to mosquito bites,
– reduce the consequences of mosquito bites by stopping the urge to scratch.

How they work:
They work with piezoelectricity: when the activating button of the device is pressed, a tiny static charge is generated. Applied to a bitten area, they help to reduce itching and swelling, and prevent you from scratching, which can be a cause of infection.
NO batteries are required to function.


– Mosquito bites treatment with Zanza-Click, Mini-Click and Disco-Click is ecological;
– they do not release chemical substances;
– they have a large expected life (20/25.000 impulses, up to 4/5.000 bites without expiry date;
– thanks to piezoelectricity, they do not require batteries nor other energy source
– For that reason, they are small and light: you can always keep them ready at hand.
– thanks to their special little ring you can attach them to your key-ring, to keep them always with you.
ATTENTION: Zanza-Click, Mini-Click and Disco-Click are efficacious for the mosquito bites treatment. In case of more serious bites, we suggest using Ecosave, the electrostimulator against venomous bites and stings.


Mosquito bites treatment

– hold the device between your index and middle fingers;
– place the tip of the device directly in contact with the skin, on the bitten area;
– press the activating button with your thumb to release the impulse;
– repeat as indicated in the par. “Quantity of impulses”.

A slight tingling sensation will be felt with every impulse. This sensation may vary according to the individual sensitivity and may be more relevant in children.
The beneficial effect is usually felt within a few minutes after use.
For best results, use the device as soon as possible after being bitten or as soon as you feel the urge to scratch and can see the swelling.
Attach it to your keyring, and always keep it with you.

Quantity of impulses (“clicks”) Adults and adolescents:
– Apply 5 to 10 impulses (“clicks”) moving the device around the bite in such a way to treat all the bitten area.
– 10 minutes after the first application, if you still perceive itching, you may apply additional 5 to 10 clicks.
– In the case of more sensitive or allergic people, or to reduce swelling, further applications may be required: if so, additional clicks may be applied again, according to par. “Frequency of administration”. However, do not apply more than 10 clicks at time.

– apply 5 clicks first, moving the device around the bite in such a way to treat all the bitten area.
– 10 minutes after the first application, if your child still perceives itching or if you note that he/she needs to scratch, you may apply additional 5 clicks. Additional applications have not been clinically tested.

Frequency of administration
After the first application of mosquito bites treatment, wait at least 10 minutes to use again the device on the same site.




– on patients wearing a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device;
– on patients diagnosed with heart disease or epilepsy;
– on pregnant women;
– on children under 6 months



    – on open wounds or rashes, or over infected or pathological or abnormal skin conditions, on bleeding or secreting areas and on mucous membranes;
    – near flammable liquids or gas or if you have used an insect repellent and/or flammable substances (for example: perfume, deodorant, etc), as this device can ignite flammable substances.
    – with wet hands or on wet skin.


    Do not use/use with caution:

    – on or around sensitive areas such as mouth, tongue, eyes, ears, internal part of the wrists or palms, fingertips, etc.
    – if you are sensitive to electric stimulus;

    • PERSONAL USE ONLY IS RECOMMENDED: use the device for the mosquito bites treatment on a single patient. In order to avoid the transmission of infections, do not use on more than one patient.
    • External use only.
    • When this device is not used according to these Instructions for use, it can cause sensitivity or irritation at the site of application. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
    • Keep it out of reach of children or people with limited sensorimotor skills. Small parts can be ingested or inhaled.



    • Any serious incident that occurs in relation to the device should be reported to the manufacturer ( and the competent authority of your country.



    Mosquito bites treatment

    • Discharge voltage: 13 kV approx. (without load)
    • Duration of single discharge: 0,01 ms
    • Power: piezoelectric
    • Expected life of the device: 20/25.000 discharges approx.
    • Applied part type BF
    • IP protection degree: IP22



    EP2089102(B1), US8712555, US9474899(B2), AU2007320897B2 and other international patents pending.

    Model comparison


    Zanza-Click 06000 Zanza-Click 06000 Mini-Click 06300 Mini-Click 06300 Disco-Click 05200 Disco-Click 05200
    Dimensions mm 63 x 24,3 x 24,3 mm 41,6 x 24,2 x 18,2 mm 38,2 x 39,5 x 14,5
    Weight gr 10 gr 5 gr 5
    Power supply piezoelectric piezoelectric piezoelectric
    Expected life 20-25,000 discharges approx. 20-25,000 discharges approx. 20-25,000 discharges approx.
    Discharge voltage (without load) 13-14 kV approx. 13-14 kV approx. 13-14 kV approx.
    Duration of single discharge 0.01 ms approx. 0.01 ms approx. 0.01 ms approx.