VisioFocus Animal

Temperature of animals with Visiofocus Animal


Infrared non-contact thermometer for animals
VisioFocus ANIMAL is an infrared medical thermometer for measuring body temperature of animals without touching their body. It allows instantaneous, hygienic and accurate temperature measurement without any contact with the animal.

CODE: 06620


Temperature of animals with Visiofocus Animal


VisioFocus Animal is able to take the body temperature of animals at a distance and without touching their skin, without bothering them, in few seconds ad in an extremely simple way.
Measurement can be taken on the eye (recommended) or in the auricle or in the gums or rectal area, always at a
distance if, for any reason, it is not possible to detect the temperature in the eye.

VisioFocus ANIMAL is the non-contact thermometer for your pets that:

  • takes the temperature at distance from the eye, or, as alternative, from auricle or gums or rectal area;
  • is equipped with a projection aiming system that also indicates the correct reading distance;
  • is hygienic, does not touch any part of your pet’s body;
  • thanks to the “+/-” button, it can apply a customized correction factor to suit different pets;
  • it stabilizes itself quickly via the Automatic Quick Calibration Systems (AQCS) or Manual Quick Calibration System (MQCS) and, through the dog&cat button, automatically applies a correction factor for body temperature according to environmental conditions;
  • thanks to the ‘doghouse’ button, it can also measure the temperature of objects, food, liquids (1-80°C), skin and the environment.



Taking the body temperature

To take a reading, just bring the thermometer close to the measuring area, at the distance that the thermometer itself will tell you, so that the reading temperature will appear on the LCD display. The aiming system indicates when the thermometer is at the correct reading distance, that is essential to obtain accurate measurements.
Proceed as follows:

  1. at the first use, insert 4 AAA batteries:
  2. press the “dog&cat” button and hold it down;
  3. while keeping the thermometer perpendicular to the eye (or chosen measuring area), move it in or back away from the forehead until the arcs are inside the semi-rectangle. If the thermometer is too close, or too far away, the arcs will be partially overlapped to the semi-rectangle (on the left or on the right respectively) – (fig. 1 and 2).
  4. When you see the arcs inside the semi-rectangle (fig. 3), the thermometer is at the right distance for an accurate measurement:

(1) too far

(2) too close

(3) correct distance ✅

  1. Release the button and keep the device steady while the lights flash.
  2. Read the temperature on the display. If necessary, you can immediately take another reading.


IMPORTANT: directing the aiming lights in the eyes is not dangerous. They are harmless! THEY ARE NOT LASERS, but normal Leds, conforming to the EN 62471 Standard.

Should the measurement on the eye be not possible, you can take the temperature on your pet’s rectum area, auricle or on the gum, with no contact and in a non invasive way. You can search for the more comfortable area for both you and your pet.

Other readings
VisioFocus ANIMAL can also be used to read the temperature of objects, food, liquids and surfaces in the 1,0-80,0°C (33.8-176.0°F) temperature range.
For example, you can take the temperature of:

  1. food,
  2. bathwater.
  3. temperature inside the doghouse.

Proceed as you would for a body temperature reading but press the “doghouse” button.

Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully.

Watch the instructional video here.


Temperature of animals with Visiofocus Animal


  • Power supply: 4 AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries – 1.5 V (not included).
  • Life of high-quality batteries: up to 3 years or 30,000 readings (depending on use).
  • Dimensions: 138 x 43,5 x 21,5mm (5.67 x 1.71 x 0.85 inches)
  • Weight: 90 gr. (3.17 oz.) – batteries included.
  • Distance from the subject: calculated using an optical aiming system (approx. 6 cm/2.36 inches).