VisioFocus Pro

VisioFocus PRO professional thermometer


VisioFocus PRO is a professional thermometer for hospitals and healthcare facilities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was also used by law enforcement agencies, public and private organisations with public access, and companies for employee monitoring.

VisioFocus PRO is a professional thermometer particularly fast, accurate and easy to use, and, allowing several consecutive temperature readings. VisioFocus PRO is ideal for intensive use.

VisioFocus PRO is the most advanced professional thermometer that healthcare professionals can use to accurately measure body temperature. Comfortable and non-invasive, it allows instantaneous and accurate readings without touching the patient.

For this reason, VisioFocus PRO does not need to be disinfected, does not require any disposable protection, and guarantees maximum hygiene, thus greatly reducing the risk (which with traditional thermometers is high) of cross contamination during body temperature measurement, protecting both patients and operators.

VisioFocus PRO 06480 is a medical device


VisioFocus PRO professional thermometer


    • VisioFocus PRO is the non-contact professional thermometer that:
    • projects the temperature value;
    • ensures accuracy thanks to:

exclusive patented aiming system, which ensures correct reading distance and measuring area;
– measurement with “face” button, which is automatically adjusted for room temperature;
AQCS and MQCS, exclusive and patented systems, which allows the thermometer to maintain correct and constant its temperature during long periods of use or when moving between rooms with different temperatures.

  • is totally hygienic for patients and users: no touch and no need for disposables.
  • is “no laser”: safe for patients, travellers and users.
  • is designed and manufactured in Italy: VisioFocus PRO is manufactured at the company’s site in Vedano Olona (Varese, Italy) in a Temperature Controlled Clean Room equipped with robotic machines for assembly, calibration and testing, which guarantee high quality and maximum flexibility.
  • is CE certified (compliant with MDR), and cleared by FDA (USA), MHLW (Japan), TGA (Australia), MFDS (Korea), and others.
  • VisioFocus PRO, professional thermometer suitable for intensive use:
    • instantaneous reading: detects temperature in less than 1 second.
    • High performance: up to 1,000 measurements per hour.
    • Low cost of use: thanks to the speed of measurement, the number of thermometers and operators can be reduced.
    • Also for outdoor use: the ambient working temperature range is from -10 to 45°C (so it can be used for monitoring before entering companies, shops, supermarkets or construction sites even in low ambient temperature situations).
    • Clinically proven technology in hospitals and universities worldwide and widely used in 2003 for SARS, in 2009 for Swine Flu, in 2014 for Ebola and between 2020 and 2022 for COVID-19.
  • The professional thermometer VisioFocus PRO is provided with two working settings:
  • “nurs” setting (factory setting, recommended for use by nurses for measurements in the various rooms of the wards and in intensive use) which includes:

– HOME and MEM buttons disabled to avoid the risk of errors in intensive use;
– manual quick calibration system MQCS (see next paragraph) required and mandatory every 60 minutes

  • “doct” setting (suggested for use by doctors in their offices), which provides:


– HOME and MEM buttons enabled;
– enabled automatic AQCS and optional MQCS


VisioFocus PRO professional thermometer


Taking the body temperature

    1. At the first use, insert 4 AAA batteries.
    2. Open the protective cap by rotating it 90°
    3. Approach the thermometer to the forehead.
    4. Press the “face” button and hold it down. The two aiming lights turn on and you will begin to see the temperature reading, projected onto the forehead between two arches.
    5. While keeping the VisioFocus PRO perpendicular to the center of the forehead, move it in or back away from the forehead until the temperature reading is set squarely between the two arches. If the thermometer is too far away, or too close, the temperature will not fall between the two arches (fig. 1 and 2).

(1) too far

(2) too close

(3) correct distance ✅


6. When you see the temperature at the midpoint between the two arches (fig. 3), the thermometer is at the right distance: release the button and keep the device steady while the lights flash. You can also read the temperature on the display, lit in light blue. If necessary, you can immediately take another reading.
7. Close the protective cap

Other readings (non-medical use)
In “DOCT” mode, VisioFocus PRO can also be used to read the temperature of objects and liquids in the 1,0-80,0°C (33.8-176.0°F) temperature range.
Proceed as you would for a forehead reading but press the “home” button; the display will light up in green.
NOTE: this intended use is not subject to assessment by the Notified Body.

Readings of skin surface temperature
In “DOCT” mode, using the “home” button, VisioFocus PRO can also be used to:
1) monitor the temperature of inflammations, ulcers, wounds (e.g. on diabetics);
2) monitor the temperature of internal organs during surgery ensuring maximum hygiene thanks to the total absence of contact;
3) detect the temperature of intravenous fluid bags.
These measurements are not entirely accurate and must be considered as relative rather than absolute values. If taken on the skin, they can show the difference between two close or symmetrical areas.

NOTE: skin surface temperature is NOT body temperature.

Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully.

Watch the instructional video here about VisioFocus PRO professional thermometer


VisioFocus PRO professional thermometer


  • Power supply: 4 AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries – 1.5 V (included).
  • Life of high-quality batteries: up to 3 years or 30 000 readings (depending on use).
  • Dimensions: 144 x 43,5 x 21,5 mm (5.67 x 1.71 x 0.85 inches)
  • Weight: 98 gr. (3.46 oz.) – batteries included.
  • Distance from the subject: calculated using an optical aiming system (approx. 6 cm/2.36 inches).